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Feb 05

Essentials for Your Bedroom with Particular Home + Design by Adrienne Duncan

Posted on February 5, 2021 at 3:02 PM by Gabriela Moore

Bedroom designed by Particular Home Design

1. Your Bedroom is Your Sanctuary

The bedroom is usually the most personal space a person occupies in their home. I like to think of the sheer excitement of vacationing in a fabulous hotel only to want that same ambiance within your own home. While bedrooms are so personal, I love executing what inspires my clients and provides a space for them to relax, refresh and become energized. You can either invest in a weekend getaway or fully embrace your home in the most personal way. Hues, lighting and comfort are generally areas I like to fully embrace in a bedroom. It’s the one place that’s all about you, so why not find your place of peace and refreshing in a beautifully decorated bedroom.

2. Window Treatments
Window treatments are one of my most favorite custom designs to create. Window treatments are a place to add your favorite colors and patterns to your space, with a touch of bespoke to tailor make your space. There are nearly unlimited options from fabric shades, draperies or blinds, or even layered for multiple purposes. Window treatments don’t have to be the boring temporary solution. This is where luxury at its finest is enjoyed to its fullness with color, style and a touch of class to the room so deserved.

3. Realistic Function of the Space
Realistically, some bedrooms are designed for multi-functioning tasks, and this is something to consider prior to purchasing furnishings. In addition to sleeping, you may read, watch television, maybe an escape from the kids or office out of your bedroom. Whether you live alone or with a large family, to understand the function of your bedroom in addition to sleeping will help you determine the direction of this design. Many Texas bedrooms come with a Texas-sized master suite that if done well, can act as a retreat or extension within your own space. 

4. Bedding and the Feels
Again this is the space that should bring satisfaction. Soft bedding to only enhance your experience is the icing on the cake to the best bedrooms. Cozy rugs at your feet as you step out of your bed or pillows that you don’t want to let go of. No matter what it may be, it’s all about what centers you within your space. Chandeliers over a bed or installing wall sconces in replacement of bedside lamps are just some of the ideas that elevate an ambience and provides such ocular satisfaction.

Adrienne Duncan is the owner and creative mastermind behind Particular Home Design in Buda, Texas. For nearly two decades, Adrienne Duncan continues to deliver intelligent and quality design at a concierge level. Adrienne is a trusted and seasoned designer who has travelled and distributed her expertise across the nation, making herself known in the design industry. Her design sensibilities and professionalism has gained the attention of leaders in the industry where she has worked hand in hand with some of the nation’s best and played an integral role in building one of the top internet-based interior design specialty companies out of New York. 

"I am inspired the most when I drive through a neighborhood and imagine what each house looks like on the inside. Every home is different and no two homes are designed and decorated alike. This is an amazing thought to me because it causes me to focus on the individuals in the home, and the need to create the space according to their family make-up, lifestyle, spatial preferences and most importantly how they see beauty. As a creator and designer, I like to think my imagination is endless and consequently I’m always thinking outside the box. My motivation is to create environments and design homes for the investor, in hopes that they are able to embrace the fullness of their space while fully enjoying it and its design."

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