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Feb 04

Cari's Top 5 Proposal Ideas - By Cari Wible

Posted on February 4, 2021 at 2:54 PM by Gabriela Moore

inscription Marry Me inside of a heart projected on the brick outside of the Carrington wedding venue at

First off, congratulations on finding the love of your life and surviving 2020. Your love has literally survived a pandemic and the longest year of anyone’s life. Now the real question, how to ask THE question. Well in all honesty, it is about you, your partner and who you are. Whether y’all are over the top or sentimental, be YOU!! But that’s not the fun answer, so here are my recommendations for five different styles of proposing and how you can pull each off. 

1. The Grand Gesture: There may not be very many blimp rentals or proposals on the jumbo screen at the football game right now but there still are a few ways to pull off some pretty massive displays of your undying love. Have you ever heard of a Gobo? Our friends at Intelligent  Lighting Design created this custom design for us (pictured above). It is  relatively affordable compared to a blimp and easy to set up. Plus, with the necessary dark lighting for it to show up, it’d be easy to hide friends and family in some near by bushes or cars.
2. The Photoshoot Fake Out: For the record, I highly recommend hiring a photographer to capture these moments. This is 1000% the safest option for that fiancé-to-be that loves to have photos of EVERYTHING and would want to look perfect. There are many super talented photographers right here in Buda that would love to help you scheme a reason for the shoot and make it all happen.  

3. Romance: Well, all of these should be romantic in their own way, but this one is a little more on the nose. Create a beautful picnic at a mutual favorite park or intimate dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town. The thoughtfulness behind planning it all will not go unnoticed.  

4. Take a Trip: This one requires a bit more planning and a lot more “where did I put the ring”, but is any easy way to make a pretty incredible memory and get a fully attentive fiancé for a day or two.  Be it Disney, a weekend getaway spot in Buda or Paris, this will create an amazing place to be “your spot” and a good excuse to travel often.  

5. The Quiet Moment: A personal fav and not just because it equals more Summermoon, like pictured above. Find a seemingly casual and every day task you do together and make it special. Plus, nothing like a few extra espresso shots to get a super excited YES!!  

Now that you are ready to propose, call me after...I know a good venue! ;)

Cari Wible is the owner and operator of The Carrington wedding venue and Pink Parasol Designs and Coordinating. Located right in the heart of Downtown Buda, she's ready to help with all your wedding needs!

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