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May 16

BBQ Mash Ups: Food Truck Edition

Posted on May 16, 2020 at 9:36 AM by Gabriela Moore

If there is something that food trucks do well, it’s the modern spin on classic cuisine. Enter: barbeque mash ups--taking two of your favorite things and putting them together for something undeniably delicious.  This National BBQ Day, come with us as we spot the food trucks around town that prove bbq doesn’t have to stand alone.

Brisket Baked Potato from Louie's

1. We all love a baked potato, but mash it with brisket from Louie’s Craft BBQ in Downtown Buda and you have yourself a Loaded Brisket Baked Potato that comfort food in Texas is made of. This buttery, cheesy, burnt-endy chunk of pure comfort is our go to meal when we just want all the things that make us feel at home. Pair it with the spicy green salsa, wash it down with a Big Red and you’ll never look back. 

BBQ Wings from Bat Wings

2. Move over brisket, cauliflower has something to say and you need to hear it. Say hello to this bite-sized delight that is the Big Daddy Cauliflower Wings with their signature spicy barbeque sauce from Bat Wings Co. in Jordan and Cambria’s Rail Switch. Delicious to even meat eaters, this vegetarian take on chicken wings is perfectly crisp and full of flavor. Add a dunk of their homemade sweet and spicy barbeque sauce for that mash up of wings meets barbeque we are living for. 

Brisket Queso from Shugabees 3. Top three foods in Texas: and go! If you just enthusiastically yelled at your screen chili peppers, queso and brisket then we are on the same page. I’d like to introduce you to an off menu concoction from Shugabees Texas BBQ that includes all three. Start by ordering their hatch green chili queso and scoop in some of their chopped brisket for a *chefs kiss of an experience. The slight spice from the chilis mixed with the sweet bbq sauce from the chopped brisket will find you at the end of the queso bowl asking for more.  

Whichever mash up you choose to enjoy this National BBQ Day, we promise you this: you will not be disappointed. No one is judging you if you try all three. Besides, every day is National BBQ Day with Visit Buda, Tx. Share your experience on social using the tag #budafuleats.