Sep 25

Reconnect at The Y at Camp Moody

Posted on September 25, 2020 at 3:23 PM by Gabriela Moore

Camp Moody Blog HeaderTwo boys canoe into a tunnel between two large rocks

If you were to tell us that just .2 miles away from the fast lane of I-35 we would find ourselves climbing a ropes course, canoeing through a rock tunnel, and discovering a hidden natural pool away from the noise of the road we wouldn’t believe you. Until we saw it ourselves.  

Nestled along Onion Creek and scenic limestone bluffs spanning 85 acres of land, we explored the beautiful world of the YMCA’s Camp Moody.  We didn’t waste any time taking to the trails to try our hand at just a handful of the activities offered at the camp--and some offered during Family Exploration Days too! Along the trail you’ll find the entrance to Onion Creek with canoes waiting to be taken on the glassy water and down through huge rocks to weave in and around.  

And just when you think the creek ends because of the natural way the water rises and falls, take a hike along the limestone bluff and through what we’d like to call a tree cave and you’ll find a hidden, natural pool just for you. This serene little cove is the perfect spot to take a moment and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you.  

All to prepare you for the adrenaline rush that comes next... 

Dawning a helmet and harness, peer down at your next challenge: a high ropes course that towers 30ft above ground. If balancing at 30ft in the air isn’t enough for you, the complete structure comes equipped for the daredevil at heart with two ropes course levels, the leap of faith, zip line racing, and rock wall.   

Camp Moody has so many activities to offer and many ways to enjoy them. Not only can you enjoy Family Exploration Days every Saturday and Sunday, but coming up this fall you can bring the whole family for Twilight Hikes ending in s’mores around the campfire and Family Campouts to spend the whole weekend exploring and sleeping under the stars. Keep up with their calendar to see what other opportunities are available!  


Please note the high ropes course is unavailable during Family Exploration Days at this time.

Aug 28

Hit the Sand at CTX Beach Volleyball Complex

Posted on August 28, 2020 at 12:03 PM by Gabriela Moore

CTX Beach Blog Header
Two players high five after a score in the sand volleyball courts

Hey all you beach lovers! CTX Beach at Sundfield Station is bringing the sand to Buda for all the beach volleyball you and a close knit group of friends can handle. Decked out with four sand courts, a concession stand and lounge chairs galore, it’s like they cut out a slice of the beach just for us to enjoy. 


We wrangled a group of your friends and told them to bring the kids! While the youngins built sandcastles on the side, we grabbed the ball and hit the sand. Not one of us is a volleyball enthusiast, and if we’re honest maybe only one identifies as “sporty”, but we had so much fun missing the ball, soaking up the sun and getting a huge laugh out of ourselves in the process. 


The now open CTX Beach at Sunfield Station is open alongside the CTX Fieldhouse and Event Center. The sand courts bring a new element to the sports center that opened back in 2019. You can get a whole court to yourself for $25 an hour.


Pro-tip: Feeling hungry after all that fun? Dust yourself off and walk over to the Bandit Tacos food truck (located in the parking lot) to refuel with some unique taco themes and the best frito pie in town. 

4 player jump for the ball at the net in sand volleyball courts
Aug 14

Discover Local Artisanal Goods at the Downtown Buda Farmers' Market

Posted on August 14, 2020 at 6:22 PM by Gabriela Moore

Farmers Blog Header
Vegetables in bin at farmers market
When you need to get out of the house but still want to social distance, sometimes it’s hard to find the right option. Why not knock out some grocery shopping while you are at it? The Downtown Buda Farmers’ Market checks all of these boxes with some added perks like an open outdoor space, live music on select days, and the satisfaction of supporting local artisans. 

Head to the Downtown Buda Farmers’ Market every Sunday from 10-2 pm at Buda Mill & Grain Co. to find live music, friends and family catching up, and everything you need from produce all the way to dog treats. Run by farmers themselves, this market knows what it takes to bring in high quality foods and a knowledge base for health and wellness. Market Manager and full time farmer, Jonas Jones, is the backbone behind the operation and works hard to provide a local hub for health and family.

Tres Weddle from Happy Gut Foods offers delicious lacto-fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut that he and his family started making after seeking ways to get healthy. His pride for his work and strong sense of community are common amongst vendors and patrons alike. 

“Check out what is going on near you. Whether it be food or other products people are making for the community; there’s some fantastic stuff going on. And you’re going to get to know your neighbors” Weddle said. “[They’re] out here grabbing vegetables or lunch and hopefully some sauerkraut for the week.” 

 We can’t forget the added bonus as Ken Sepulveda from Righteous Greens pointed out: getting to know the farmers who grow your food. 

“It is always nice to know where your food comes from,” Sepulveda said. “Sometimes the produce in the supermarket can be months old and people don’t realize that.”

Righteous Greens grows microgreens right from his home in Wimberley and his batches are fresh every week! Trust us when we say, you’ll be back every week just for these greens. 

And before you head out, be sure to grab a bottle or two of fresh squeezed juices to enjoy right away! A local Buda business, Green Space, TX offers a range of deliciously healthy juices to choose from every week. 

For a full list of regular vendors, visit their website!