Downtown Co-Marketing Reimbursement Grant


The Downtown Co-Marketing Reimbursement Grant is a reimbursement marketing program designed to assist businesses and planners of events held in the Historic Downtown district to promote to an audience outside of Buda. The advertisement must be placed at least 50 miles outside of Buda city limits. If approved, a business located within the district or events held within the district, can be reimbursed for up to 50% of their marketing costs for eligible projects up to $3,000. The Downtown Co-Marketing fund is limited to the amount funded by City Council each fiscal year and is administered on a first come, first serve basis. Applications are accepted year-round until all funding is awarded.


  • Business must be located in the Historic Downtown District as designated by the Buda Main Street Program boundaries. This area includes Main St. from San Antonio St. to Goforth Rd., Railroad St., Austin St. and part of Cedar St. Please see district map on page 3 for reference.
  • All advertisements must promote tourism to Historic Downtown Buda to an audience at least a 50-mile radius from Buda city limits.
  • Organizations requesting co-marketing funds for events must host their event within the Historic Downtown District as designated by the Buda Main Street Program boundaries. Please see district map on page 3 for reference.
  • All advertising must include the phrase “Historic Downtown Buda”.
  • Advertising must promote tourism and meet the Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Code requirements. Full code found HERE
  • Ads that are to be renewals will need to reapply annually for funding
  • A single application may include multiple advertisements, but only a maximum of $3,000 can be reimbursed to the applicant.
  • Qualifying advertisements include magazine, newspaper, billboard, radio, television, targeted web and social media advertisements. If the advertisement is not one listed, it will be considered based on the proposal.
  • If multiple businesses present a cooperative advertisement, each individual business would be eligible for up to a 50% match of their portion, not to exceed $3,000 of the total advertisement cost.
  • Qualifying events held on City of Buda property must follow guidelines set forth by the Buda Parks Department, where applicable. Prior to application consideration applicant must provide proof of submission of a special events packet to Buda Parks Department no later than 60 days prior to the event. For reimbursement to be released proof of an approved special event packet and receipts for payment.
  • Receipts and documentation that the ad ran must be submitted no later than 60 days after the advertisement ran or by August 30th whichever comes first. If the applicant fails to turn in receipts and documentation that the ad ran for an approved application, the application approval will be rescinded and the applicant will no longer be eligible to collect on the reimbursement.

Application Process

  1. Applicant gets quote, draft of advertisement, and market reach from advertiser.
  2. Applicant formally applies through the on-line portal located at
  3. A rendering and invoice/quote of the proposed marketing must be included. If a social media campaign or a targeted web ad, a copy of the advertisement with a screenshot of the target market and cost will be accepted.
  4. Before placing any advertising or first stages of event planning: An applicant must schedule an informal meeting with Destination Services staff to review the proposed advertising and completed application. If a cooperative advertisement, only one member of the co-op needs to be present.
  5. Advertisements unbecoming of the City of Buda will not be approved.
  6. Destination Services staff will review the completed application and proposed advertising. The applicant will be notified within one week of submission if approved or denied.
  7. Applicant submits a copy of the final advertisement, w9, and paid receipt to Destination Service no later than 60 days after the advertisement ran or August 30th whichever comes first. Failure to submit by this date will result in the voiding of your agreement Payment will be processed at the next available check distribution date determined by the Finance Department and the applicant will be notified when payment is sent.
  8. Notice: Invoices, estimates, quotes, insertion orders, ad agreements, in-kind or trade documents will not be accepted as proof of payment. Failure to provide proper documentation will result in voiding of your agreement.

For questions, please contact City of Buda Destination Services office at 512-295-7170 or via email at