HOT Grant Post-Event Reporting

Post Event Report, Proofs or Payment, and Required Documentation

It is the responsibility of the event organization/representative to report the number of non-local quests (meaning out of a 50-mile radius of Buda) and number of room night stayed in Buda's lodging properties that resulted from the event. (Please note that room nights generated in surrounding areas -outside of the Buda city limits - do not fulfill the requirments of the state law and will not be credited to your event.) Post-event documentation must be submitted no later than 60 days following the event/expenditure and should be submitted to the Department of Destination Services through the online portal located at This grant is a reimbursement grant. To receive funds, you must submit the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Number of Attendance
  • Room night stays with proof
  • Proof of event notices sent to hotels
  • Proof of the listing of Buda Hotel on the website
  • Proof that the provided tracking link was listed on the website
  • W9
  • Proof of payment for eligible, reimbursable expenses, which includes: receipts, copies of canceled checks, and bank/credit card statements. (Please note: statements, invoices, estimates, quotes, incursion orders, ad agreements, and in-kind or trade agreements will not be accepted.)