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Sep 01

Treat Yourself!

Posted to Adventure Friday by Gabriela Moore

You know when you feel like you’ve had a long week and realize it is only Tuesday? If that was your thought earlier this week, your day to relax has come. It’s the long Labor Day weekend, so hey, treat yourself! Get your hair done, devour a fancy meal and eat all three scoops of ice cream in a banana split. You can bring a friend along if you want to, but just because it’s called a banana split that doesn’t mean you actually have to split it. I spent a little quality me time and did just that.

Stop #1: Salon One 12

If you haven’t been to the blow dry bar at Salon One 12, you do not understand what you are missing. When I got my hair done by stylist Gabrielle Morgan, I wished we had met sooner. Her six years of blow dry experience was put to the test when she turned my frizzy hair into a silky mane of beauty. The newly added blow dry bar is perfect for those who don’t need a cut, but still want that fresh from the salon look. The service begins with a shampoo and condition-- if you catch them on a slow day you might get a relaxing scalp massage--before making your way to the hot seat. The standard blow-out leaves your hair silky and luxurious or you can add a little curl with a hot iron. After feeling gorgeous leaving the salon, I definitely have my eye on their blow-out membership which offers 8 blow outs for the price of 7. Be sure to join them at their 10 year anniversary party coming this October! blow dry bar at salon one 12 blow out hair stlye blow out with wave hair style Wave Style at the Blow Dry Bar

Stop #2: Lavish Leather and The Stitch Shoppe

With beautiful hair on my head, I made my way to The Stitch Shoppe and Lavish Leathers. Tucked in the shopping complex off FM 967, you don’t have to go far to find cute boutiques right here in Buda. They have so many cute dresses, shoes and leather accessories to choose from. Their beautiful smelling luxury soaps and candles are perfect to continue the “me celebration” with a soothing hot bath. The option to monogram some in store items makes this place the go to spot for personalized accessories and clothing. Stitch shoppe and lavish leathers 3 Stitch shoppe and lavish leathers 2 Stitch shoppe and lavish leathers 4 Stitch shoppe and lavish leathers

Stop #3: Brooklyn’s Down South

When I think of an indulgent dinner, I usually think of salmon. To make it even more delectable, I’ll take it stuffed and from one of my favorite restaurants in town, Brooklyn's Down South. The stuffed salmon dinner course at Brooklyn’s is filled with delicious flavors. The creaminess of the stuffing complements the salmon deliciously as the crispy edges hold the flavor perfectly. After speaking with the chef, I found out that the unexpected (but very welcomed) hint of spice is due to their signature blackened seasoning left on the pans. As recommended by the waitress, a mexican martini with its splash of pickle juice and lime made for a perfect pairing with my salmon. And I cannot forget to mention that it comes in a shaker which filled my glass another 3 and a half times. For 10 bucks, I can’t complain.

stuffed salmon from brooklyns

Stop #4: Buda Soda Fountain

Lastly, I treated myself with a traditional sweet treat: a three scoop banana split from Buda Soda Fountain. You may think a banana split would be good from anywhere, but the old fashioned soda fountain atmosphere is what makes this banana split more delicious than the rest. Sit at the soda bar and devour a boat full of your three favorite Blue Bell ice creams, chat with the friendly staff and patrons, and leave home with a treat from candy apothecary. Be sure to grab a one of a kind Buda t-shirt while you’re there!

banana split buda soda fountain

Sep 18

Burgers of Buda, TX

Posted to Happy Trails by Lysa Gonzalez

So you know when you get have a craving for a really good burger? Though us Texan’s take pride in how good our Whataburger is, it will never be quite good enough to curb our craving for a perfectly seasoned, juicy hunk of Texas burger. So when fast food burgers just don’t cut it, we created a menu of the most popular burger’s across Buda. This list is so good it’ll make Hamburglar wish he wasn’t stealing from McDonald's.

Dynamic Duo: Pinballz Kingdom's own “Texas Burger”

Pinballz  Burger

With a bit of hesitation over the BBQ sauce, and a reassuring “don’t worry you’ll love our burger”, Pinballz Kingdom served us the perfect burger. Yes, I just made that claim. I didn’t know I would love the BBQ sauce on this burger so much and the onion rings are exactly how every onion ring should be made. We ordered the meat cooked medium, and it made for just the right amount of drip. They piled it high with a hunky slice of cheddar cheese, perfectly crisp bacon, crunchy onion rings, all topped with tangy BBQ sauce. Every ingredient perfect on its own, but together made for a dang good burger. Also, if you’re reading this and imagining how much of a mess you’ll make on your freshly pressed shirt, this burger surprisingly stays together until the very last bite. We will definitely be back to try the #2 favorite: Hatch Lava Burger.

Charred to Perfection: Tavern on Main’s own “Jalapeno-Cheddar Burger”

Tavern Burger

A juicy center, flavorful charred edges, crisp jalapenos, need we say more? If you are like me, you are a lover of the edges. Brownies? Give me the corner piece. Square pizza?  Yes please with those burnt cheesy corners. There really is something about those crispy edges that hold the flavor so well. And with the burger from the Tavern on Main, you get to enjoy your favorite edge on the first AND last bite. Even the cheese has crispy edges! They assembled a tasty classic burger with 6 ounces of beef, a thick slice of cheddar cheese, and fresh cut grilled jalapenos in between a jalapeno cheddar bun. The jalapeno cheddar burger  was just the right amount of different (and delicious) to make it our go to classic burger.

Brooklyn Down South’s own “The 967 Burger”

Brooklyns Burger

Welcome to your perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Devour a ½ pound of beef topped with spicy bacon jalapeno jam, thin cut onion rings, american cheese, topped with an egg all in between a sourdough honey bun. When you hear jam you usually expect it to be sweet, but it had a welcome spiciness that quickly became my favorite part of the burger. If you haven’t ever tried adding an egg to this burger from Brooklyn's Down South this might be a good place to start. We loved how it added just the right amount of egg flavor. Only thing I would ask for next time is an over easy egg instead of medium so I can experience the runny yolk with this already juicy burger. Just don’t wear your freshly pressed shirt to this table--you’re in for a delicious mess!

Cabela’s own “Hawaiian Bison Burger”

Cabelas burger 2

After trying the sweet and spicy combo from Brooklyn’s, we were feeling a bit adventurous and tried the Hawaiian bison burger from Cabela’s. If you’re one of those oddballs who likes pineapple on your pizza, this is the burger for you. Cabela’s took a cafeteria-style burger and made it gourmet with your choice of angus, bison, or elk patties, pepper jack cheese, two thick slices of pineapple, all topped with tangy Korean BBQ sauce. The bison patty on this burger is a great place to start if you’re nervous about venturing off from beef, chicken or pork. Though the korean BBQ sauce was our favorite part of this creation, next time we will probably stick with toppings that are a bit more classic, just so we can enjoy the gamey juicy flavor of the bison. Avocado Bison Burger date at Cabela’s? I’d say yes to that.

Did we miss a burger? Give us a reason to try it out! We are always looking for new food to try in Buda. Though after this we should probably stick with salads for a while.